Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Drink Deep by Chloe Neill

Those chest pains I have been experiencing since finishing Hard Bitten have finally subsided after reading Drink Deep.
Drink Deep picks up a couple of months after Hard Bitten. We see Merit’s coping with the events in Hard Bitten and her determination to move forward. Merit and Friends must deal with a new conflict and we are introduced to a few new characters. Chloe Neill does an excellent job of weaving in a surprising storyline that definitely took this reader by surprise.
Although Merit is navigating her emotions, she is still able to throw out a few hilarious remarks. Chloe sure does an excellent job of transmuting humor into words.
Chloe Neill has one again written a story that keeps her audience hooked. Although I found some parts slow moving, I am pleased with the story and eager to read the next installment.
Recently, an episode of Grey’s Anatomy aired in which an author felt that she needed to finish her book so that her readers could have closure. Her readers have been with her for years and followed her characters happily, so she felt obligated to finish the story before having surgery. After watching the episode, I started having nightmares that something bad happened to Chloe Neill and that we would never know what happened with Merit and the gang. It is morbid, right?
The Chicagoland Vampire series is really good. The story is well-written, funny, and interesting. You should read it.

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  1. Mwaha! I know what you mean! When I was about 10 (like, 17 years ago), I used to worry George Lucas would die before he made Stars Wars 1, 2 and 3! I had no concept of the fact that he wasn't really that old. I just knew that the movies were 'old' and therefore, he must be too XD

    I've had this EXACT same paranoia since with a few series XD

    I'm glad you enjoyed Drink Deep! I did too, but I saw a few negative reviews. I was sad!