Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

The Skinny: Vampires > Humans = a good story

In The Immortal Rules, vampires have assumed control over humans. Allie is a human who scavenges for food, because she is unwilling to register with the vampires to obtain food rations in exchange for blood letting. Allie meets a mysterious man during one of her food rescues and our journey into the world of vampires vs. humans begins.

The book industry is saturated with vampire stories, but I am not complaining, because I do enjoy the fang. Kagawa created a story that uniquely places vampires in a position of authority. It is interesting to see how vampires are no longer hidden or fearful of detection. Humans are the creatures who mould to the shadows.

I enjoyed the development of the story but was frustrated by Allie, our protagonist. She defies the man who is trying to keep her safe and seems reluctant to help him when he is in a situation that requires rescue. I was under the impression that the man fell on his sword for her, but she is dragging her feet to help him. That aspect of the story was underdeveloped, in my opinion, and I am still unsure why she does not feel a sense of urgency in aiding him. She begrudgingly decides to help him, which feels so strange to me.

The Immortal Rules is a good story, and I recommend it to readers who are looking for a different view of vampires. Unlike many current vampire series, these vampires do not fall in love with humans and sparkle in the sun. They are vicious and dangerous predators. I eagerly await Kawaga’s addition to this creative story. 

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  1. I have this, and I'm so looking forward to reading it! I can't get through my tbr pile fast enough :)