Friday, July 6, 2012

Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter

The Skinny: A fun and unique take on Greek mythology

This is the second book in the Goddess Test series. If you have not read Goddess Test, you should rectify the situation quickly. The story is about a girl who discovers that the Greek gods and goddesses are real and that she plays an important role in the life of Hades. When “Henry” solicits her to replace his beloved Persephone, Kate’s life becomes a bit more interesting. Who doesn’t wish that a mysterious and dashing man would pop out of the woods and ask a girl to live with him for 6 months a year? I know that’s my top dream in life. This book explores what happens after the butterflies escape the stomach.

When Kate returns from her sojourn in Greece, she notices that Henry, hot king of the Underworld, is emotionally distant.  Something is afoot down under and she is desperate to save those she loves from impending doom.

This is a good series. It is a neat little take on the Greek mythology. I certainly wish that when I was in high school, all the kids I hung out with were actually Greek gods and goddesses. Unfortunately, I just got the run of the mill weirdos.

The pacing is great in this series. Events move quickly and characters develop. I do wish Kate took a bit more control in her dealings with Henry/Hades. I am going to throw out a progressive idea and hope that it catches wind: Having a mature discussion about one’s feelings and thoughts is a great way to cultivate a relationship. Who knows what kids are like these days, though. If YA lit is any indication, everyone is having steamy love triangles, succumbing to insta!love, and enjoying a great friendship with the most handsome boy who happens to fall in love with a girl and gets possessive and jealous when she dares to breathe next to another boy.

Anyway, this is a good book, and I highly suggest that you read it.


  1. Heh. Pure genius--having a mature discussion about feelings helps a relationship.
    It should be tattooed on some people's foreheads.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  2. I really enjoyed this book! The ending has me crazy but I guess that means I'll be reading the next one. ;)