Friday, November 2, 2012

Deity Blog Tour and GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to my stop on the Deity blog tour! The tour is hosted by the lovely Val from Stuck in Books.

Today’s stop features an interview with Lucian.

Who told you that Alex was an Apollyon?
Hmm. Interesting question. Although, I do not believe that really matters." Lucian pauses. "Or is of anyone's concern.

Who is your favorite God or Goddess?
His upper lip curls. "Well, as a pure-blood, we should hold all the gods in the same esteem. We should not have favorites."

What are your thoughts about Seth's romantic interest in Alex?
They are perfect for each other. Truly meant to be. After all, they are fated for one another.

Did you promise anything to the Pures in return for their support?
Lucian smiles. "I promise them what I can give them. The world."

Seth seems to really care for Alex. Do you believe that his support is in any danger of waning if Alex asks him to rethink his choices?
Seth will do what is needed. He wouldn't let pesky, inconsequential things like emotions get in the way. No matter what he feels and no matter what Alex asks him to do.

Spencer Hill Press is graciously hosting a giveaway. 
The prizes include a $25 Amazon gift card, a copy of Deity, a shirt and lots of swag! 

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  1. Great interview. Lucian is one of those guys you just love to hate.

  2. This book looks great. Thanks for having a blog tour.

    flip at ida dot net

  3. Elusive isn't he! Great interview!!

    Thanks for being part of the tour!!!


  4. Argh, the dude needs to lighten up a bit, doesn't he?!?!

    Great interview!

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    Deity Island