Monday, February 18, 2013

Cover Reveal: VENOM by Fiona Paul

One of my favorite books of 2012 was Fiona Paul’s VENOM. Set in Renaissance Venice, VENOM tells the story of a girl who explores the mysteries of the romantic city and meets a couple of gorgeous Italians along the way. I absolutely loved this book, and I am exited to share the cover of the paperback edition.

 What Fiona thinks of this gorgeous cover:

Dude. I was really excited to find out Venom was getting a new fancy look for her paperback release. I love my gorgeous foiled mask cover of course, but what girl doesn't look forward to a brand new outfit? :)

What I particularly like about this cover is the Venetian-ness of it. The bridge, the buildings, the canal--it almost exactly fits an important scene in the book. I also love the sexy new tagline. And is it just me or does that silhouette of Falco look especially hot?
I love this cover! The way the moonlight bounces off the canal water and shadows Cass and Falco is lovely and perfectly sets up the story. The pictorial cues of shading, lighting, linear perspective, and relative size add a three-dimensional perception and the depth of the image is striking. From the empty gondolas to the lonely bridge, everything about this cover tells the reader that she will be met with detailed descriptions about Venice and taken on a sojourn in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Follow Fiona on Twitter at @fionawritesYA and check out her website! BELLADONNA, the second book in the series, releases July 16th! I read an early copy, and it is fantastic. Cass is amazing, Falco is still swoony, and Luca is even more gorgeous. Make sure to add BELLADONNA to your TBR list!

What do you think? Do you prefer the elegant foiled mask cover for the hardback or this lively and mysterious paperback cover?


  1. I liked the hardback copy with the mask but this paperback cover is pretty awesome!

  2. I must say I loved the hardback cover, but this one fits the story better, and it's just as pretty. :)

  3. I think they are both great! but i like this one better, it has more of a romantic taste to it :D

  4. I actually like the paperback cover more, which is odd since I usually prefer the hardback covers over the PB ones.

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