Sunday, November 17, 2013

Miranda Kenneally Guest Post for Racing Savannah!

The lovely Miranda Kenneally wrote an insightful guest post as part of the blog tour to celebrate the release of the fantastic RACING SAVANNAH.

What do you hope readers gain from reading your books?

Thanks for having me on your blog today! What a great question - I don't think anyone's ever asked me that before.

I know that some readers have been disappointed that all my books aren't mirror images of CATCHING JORDAN, and I've heard other readers are disappointed that RACING SAVANNAH and CATCHING JORDAN aren't as "deep" as STEALING PARKER or THINGS I CAN'T FORGET. But I have been very deliberate in what I write about and who the main girl characters are in my books.

You see, I want to write a variety of books for different types of girls who come from different backgrounds. I want to show that even if a character is poor or rich, they still have every right to work hard and go after their dreams. They still have a right to go after that hot guy, too!

I am thrilled that different readers like and relate to some of my books more than others. I want readers to take whatever they want out of my books, whether one encourages a girl to go after her dreams, or just makes a girl laugh. Readers can like or dislike my books - it's all up to them. 

When I'm reading, I want a good romance, but I also want to learn about something new or visit a place I've never been before. I love reading fiction that involves travel and road-trips.

What do you like most about reading?

 Miranda Kenneally is the author of CATCHING JORDAN, STEALING PARKER, THINGS I CAN'T FORGET, and RACING SAVANNAH. Her fifth book, most likely to be titled BREATHE, ANNIE, BREATHE, is coming out in July 2014. She enjoys reading and writing young adult literature, and loves Star Trek, music, sports, Mexican food, Twitter, coffee, and her husband.

I really enjoyed RACING SAVANNAH and can’t wait to share my review with you this week.


  1. What an interesting guest post! I enjoy books that involve travel and different settings too! Miranda seems to have a wonderful attitude towards reading, writing, and her fans. Awesome!

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