Saturday, June 9, 2012

Entangled Publishing's Dead Sexy line

Entangled Publishing is my favorite publisher. The company not only publishes excellent books but also connects to its fans and takes an active role in marketing its authors and books. As an MBA student, I gleefully admire EP’s business model, but I will not gush about it in this post. I will, however, discuss the development of a new and exciting line that EP will launch on June 15th.

Dead Sexy is a line that caters to readers who adore mystery and romantic suspense tales. One June 15th, we will have access to recent works by Anna DeStefano, Mallory Kane, and Misa Ramirez.

Anna DeStefano’s Her Forgotten Betrayal is a suspenseful account of a woman who suffers from amnesia. As she attempts to regain her memory, she fends off the FBI and falls for a dashing stranger. Her past and locked memories have put her in danger, and she is unaware that her lover will betray her. If she remembers her past, she saves herself, but her blossoming love may be broken.

Mallory Kane’s No Hero takes readers into the mind of a seductive detective who must seek help from a ghost from lovers past to uncover the truth about a murder. As he reunites with his past lover, a woman who betrayed him, he finds that his latent feelings burn again and they rekindle their romance during their quest to uncover the truth about the crime. 

Sacrifice of Passion by Misa Ramirez is tale that perfectly combines mystery and romance. A Texas rancher investigates a mysterious creature and obtains assistance from a veterinary assistant who abandoned him at the altar. As he attempts to cleanse his memories of their time together, he watches as she bonds with his silent son and thereby reinserting herself in his heart. When she refuses to entrust her former lover with a secret, she finds herself at the mercy of the chupacabra. Past misdeeds must be explored in order for these careful lovers to be reunited.

Don’t these books sounds wonderful? I am certain that Dead Sexy will be a line that will draw new readers to Entangled Publishing and will continue to create a Pavlovian response in current readers. I eagerly anticipate the release of these titles, and I encourage you to read them as soon as they are released.

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